Toxic Relationship: This is Definition, Signs and Solutions

Toxic Relationship Everyone wants to have a love story full of love. However, sometimes reality says otherwise. Not a few people out there are in unhealthy or toxic Relationships. So, what is a toxic relationship ? What to do if we are ‘stuck’ in a relationship like this?

Definition of Toxic Relationship

As the name implies, a toxic relationship which means ‘toxic relationship’ is a relationship DilMil that can have a negative impact on happiness and mental health. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that they are trapped in this condition

According to Dr. Lillian Glass, a communication and psychology expert who in her book entitled Toxic People (1995) defines a toxic relationship as a relationship that does not support each other. Where one party tries to have great control over the other party.

Even though every relationship has its ups and downs, toxic relationships are consistently draining on the people who live them. So it is bad for health .

Toxic relationships are not only limited to romantic relationships, but can also occur in family, friendship and professional relationships. Actually, what are the characteristics of a toxic relationship IP?

Toxic Relationship This is Definition, Signs and Solutions

Characteristics of Toxic Relationships in Relationships

Generally, everyone wants to have a good romantic relationship. Not infrequently, the DilMil.Co desire to have a coveted relationship actually leads to unreasonable possessiveness and is actually a sign of a toxic relationship . Here are other signs:

1. Always Feel Not Enough

In fact, the relationship is carried out by both parties who love and accept each other, and support their partner.

However, this is not felt in toxic relationships. The reason is, you will always feel less so as if you do not deserve to be side by side with him.

Moreover, all his treatment indicates that you are a person who does not contribute to the relationship. So it is necessary to prove what the partner wants just for the sake of recognition from him.

2. Continue to be a scapegoat

Every relationship has experienced conflict. However, what distinguishes a healthy relationship from a toxic relationship is that in a healthy relationship, both parties also seek solutions or solutions to problems and self-evaluate each other.

However, this is not the case in. You will always feel like you are the source of every problem.

Even though you know that you are not the cause of the problem, it is sometimes accompanied by a condescending attitude and tone when blaming.

3. Isolated from the Outside Environment

It’s true, jealousy is one of the reactions that arise when you see your partner with someone else.

However, this is different from possessiveness. This arises not only to validate her feelings, but also to control her partner’s life by setting unnatural boundaries.

So you don’t feel comfortable and free to be able to express and socialize with other people.

Therefore, you should immediately find a solution to break away from this relationship.

4. Poor Communication 

Mutual respect is an absolute thing in a relationship. In toxic relationships , this does not apply because of the desire to win alone when there is an argument.

Not words of advice and criticism are received, but words of condescension are accepted. This then leads to a reluctance to open up to each other, leading to poor communication.

In addition, what is worse is not only verbal violence that is felt in , but also physical violence that must be addressed immediately.

Solution from Toxic Relationship

Indeed, a relationship based on love will bring you happiness and make you better. Do the following to get out of

1. Be Firm

Your feelings are things that need validation. When you don’t feel guilty, it’s best if you say it out loud.

By defending yourself, there will be two-way communication that leads to self-introspection.

2. Make a Mutual Agreement

Being in a relationship isn’t always about being sad and enjoying the other person’s feelings.

You can make an agreement if your partner has done something out of bounds, such as physical violence due to his possessive nature.

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If you feel any of the signs above, then it’s time for you to take action.

Such as seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist if it has interfered with mental health, namely depression or trauma.

That’s it, Toppers, understanding and signs and solutions that you can do when stuck in a toxic relationship . Your mental health is important to take care of, because happiness is what we create

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