Possessive In Relationship: Definition, Characteristics and Solutions

Possessive In Relationship Starting from jealousy and fear of losing. Gradually turning into restraint, prohibition to eat with colleagues at work, reporting 24 hours, not even having time for yourself. Finally, using the excuse of love to lie to yourself.

Possession is the root of serious problems in a Relationship. It is possible that eventually one of them no longer has privacy for himself, and even stalking can occur.

Trust is a very important aspect of a relationship. It is important to recognize YourLatinMates the characteristics of possessiveness that are starting to appear, so that they can be stopped before they can destroy everything.

Possessive Meaning

Possessiveness is closely related to jealousy which will lead to damage to the relationship. This attitude will be filled with fear and insecurity in your partner. Even after seeing the reality, all one thought was disbelief.

It is necessary to distinguish between love and excessive “owning”. Excessive sense of belonging will lead individuals to completely control their partner.

Of course this is not healthy at all in a relationship, because actually a good couple should grow together, not control each other.

Possessive In Relationship Definition, Characteristics and Solutions

Possessive In Relationship Traits

Sometimes possessiveness is not immediately apparent at the beginning of a relationship. Here are signs that can help to recognize the onset of possessiveness:

1. Too Fast in Relationships

The context of being too fast in a possessive relationship is not about YourLatinMates.Com seriousness and wanting to take your partner to a more serious level. Far from it, a possessive person will try to make his partner bond unhealthy to him.

It’s like starting a relationship, but rushing to ask to live together every day.

The goal is to be able to monitor what his partner is doing at any time and make it easier for him to slowly control all of his partner’s activities.

2. Tracking the Existence of a Spouse

Asking about the whereabouts of a partner is of course a natural thing, but what if it is asked continuously for a full day?

In fact, sometimes there are possessive partners who ask for photo evidence where their partners are.

This is the beginning of a possessive attitude, be careful and set limits on it in order to eliminate insecurity and distrust of your partner.

3. Can’t Have Privacy

Asking for passwords from social media to other accounts can be the beginning of a possessive attitude being formed. Initially only opened once, every day for a long time, until finally every time and full of suspicion on every social media activity.

It is important to limit this, in order to understand that privacy is the right of every individual. Live a relationship without restraining each other to the extent of their privacy.

4. Trying to Control Couple’s Time

Prohibition of going out with friends, coming home from work must go straight home. Not being able to stop in another place and having to call at the appointed time is a very annoying possessive attitude.

The possessive attitude will try to control the time their partner uses so that they only focus on time together.

This is certainly not healthy, everyone needs to have a balanced life, there is time with a partner and time for social life.

5. No “Me Time”

Some people need a special space by themselves to recuperate after feeling tired all day from a hectic activity. Some people spend their me time watching movies or reading books alone.

However, in a possessive partner there will be no room for yourself. Everything must be done with his consent and controlled directly by him.

Of course, this will slowly make the couple more tired and the relationship will get worse.

6. Calling All Day

Trust me, there are possessive partners who keep in touch even when they’re in the toilet. Having a possessive boyfriend will be very tiring, he will not trust his partner until he sees the evidence for himself.

Contacting your partner is not wrong, but if it continues to bother him, then it is certainly not healthy anymore. So he will feel tired and end up breaking up with each other.

Solution to Eliminate Possessive Traits

If you start to realize this possessive nature, avoid it immediately and find a solution to solve it. Here are some proper ways to do it:

1. Understand the Root of the Problem – Possessive In Relationship

In fact, possessiveness does not appear suddenly, but slowly has been there and is used to it. It’s only when we realize that the attitude is deteriorating that it’s hard to stop.

It could be that this attitude stems from fears in the past or other events that make the couple become too restrained and try to prevent the incident from happening again. What is certain to solve it must know the root of the problem.

2. Avoid figuring out things you don’t really need

Every now and then, look at the couple’s social media, then try to find out who their ex-girlfriend is, then find out why they broke up. And, other things that don’t really need to be known can be the beginning of possessiveness in a relationship.

Avoid finding out things that can bring suspicion, limit it and communicate it well so as not to hurt each other’s expectations about your partner.

3. Forget the Past – Possessive In Relationship

Maybe this possessive attitude arises because of a past trauma that was betrayed by a trusted person. Slowly forget about it and focus on the present, dwelling on things that hurt yourself won’t make things any better.

Learning to let go of the past together will help lead to a healthier relationship going forward.

4. Be Open to Each Other – Possessive In Relationship

Being open is important so that partners know their true feelings, don’t cover things up and end up blaming each other. To get rid of possessiveness requires trust that is built with openness.

Show honesty with each other about things that are currently felt and can interfere with the relationship. So that possessiveness can be prevented and avoided or can be reduced over time.

5. Discuss Relationship Commitments

Possessive attitude can also occur due to feelings of insecurity and feelings of excessive low self-esteem. Feeling not enough for a partner so afraid of being left suddenly.

Discuss openly the relationship commitments so that partners know each other’s seriousness in a relationship and reduce distrust and insecurity in the relationship.

6. Seek Professional Help – Possessive In Relationship

In some cases, possessiveness can be harmful and excessive, of course this can disrupt the relationship in it. If various ways  tried but the possessive attitude still cannot reduce.

So seeking professional help for counseling may be considered. This method will not corner either party or make the situation worse, but will provide the right solution.

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That’s it Toppers, understanding, characteristics and solutions to get rid of possessiveness. Live a healthy relationship without harming each other.

Establish reasons and goals for why the relationship started and believe that the possessiveness can be stopped.

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