Inspire Your Romantic Moments this Christmas

Romantic Moments this Christmas, So Christmas is just around the corner, and we don’t know about you, but Christmas is a pretty romantic holiday, isn’t it? Perhaps it’s because of the joy and love in the air, people exchanging gifts, the gatherings of family and friends,.. all made sweeter when you have your significant others to share these moments with.

It’s about time to replay our favorite Christmas movies to get ourselves in the mood. If you love romance and you want to create meaningful memories with your partner, here are our top holiday movie scenes to get you inspired and hit you right in the feels!

1 – The scene where Jonathan (John Cusack) and Sara (Kate Beckinsale) finally meets again in an ice skating rink in New York from “”

In Serendipity, we fell in love with the 2 main characters and we knew, that they were meant to be together. After their first encounter, they tried looking for each other without even knowing the other’s last name, address or phone number. Through a series of near-misses and other relationships that spans over years, fate finally brought them together again in the last scene of the movie where they reunited in an ice skating rink at a snowy Christmas night.

Are you swooning already?

Get your ice skating shoes on, and experience this romantic moment with your partner. If both of you can’t really ice-skate, it’s the perfect time to learn and have fun together! If one of you can, well, that’s just even better because you can let your partner teach you!

Inspire Your Romantic Moments this Christmas

2 – The scene where Mark (Andrew Lincoln) confesses his love to Keira Knightley from ” – Romantic Moments this Christmas

One of the most iconic scenes in Love Actually is perhaps Mark’s love confession to Juliet, who is married to his best friend, Peter. review Revealing his true feelings through these cue cards without expectation of reciprocation, Mark tells Juliet, “To me, you are perfect.”

This is something meaningful that you can do for your partner this Christmas. Show him/her how much you appreciate them and express your love through written words. You can surprise them and re-enact this scene with your own version of cue-cards and love confession!

3 – The scene where Jamie (Colin Firth) declares his love to Aurelia (Lucia Moniz) in broken Portugese from ” – Romantic Moments this Christmas

You know what? We just love Love Actually so much. It’s on this list twice. (We just have to do it!). We totally adore the story line of Jamie. Who fell in love with his Portugese housekeeper Aurelia despite their inability to communicate. He then learns Portugese, goes to France to look for her, and declares his love and proposes in front of a crowd in broken Portugese. Eharmoney Wait, it’s not over yet! Aurelia then replies him in broken English. She too, has been learning English to be able to express her feelings to Jamie.

If your significant other speaks other language, you can learn it and then surprise him/her by speaking to them in that language! Express your love and I’m sure your partner will be super touched and wow-ed by your effort!

Inspire Your Romantic Moments this Christmas

4 – The scene where Kevin (Macauley Culkin) finally reunites with his family from “”

Home Alone is a classic must-watch movie during the holiday and even though it’s not a romantic film, there’s plenty of warmth and love – in fact, it’s probably the true essence of the whole story. This Christmas, be inspired to share this meaningful moment with your significant other’s family. By being a part of their Christmas gathering, it also shows your commitment in your Relationship. Despite him initially loving his freedom, we see Kevin eventually missing his family dearly, and he wants nothing more than to have them around.

This is the real magic of Christmas, and there’s nothing like sharing that moments with the person you’re with: your partner, and their family.

5 – The scene where Jovi (Zoeey Deschanel) and Buddy (Will Ferrell) goes on a date from ” – Romantic Moments this Christmas

Elf shows us one of the cutest first dates scenes ever between Jovi and Buddy! Although at first Buddy seemed nervous and awkward, ultimately a date is not about going to a fancy place or doing anything special; it’s about having fun with each other and doing what you both enjoy. He takes her to a cafe to drink a ‘crappy cup of coffee’, they walk around in the city, admiring a huge Christmas tree, and eventually go ice-skating.

Lucky for couples, most streets and buildings will be filled with Christmas decorations this month, so there will be plenty to see! Just spend time walking around and exploring the festive spirit with your loved one (and look for the biggest Christmas tree in your city!) and ultimately, whatever you do together is going to be memorable, because you get to spend it together!

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Have more Christmas movies that inspire you to do romantic gestures for your significant other? We’d love to hear it too!

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