Do not agree to a meeting with a man in a relationship with whom you are not interested, Appreciate Men Who Are Ready with a man for whom you do not feel sympathy, attraction.

Unfortunately, this situation is not uncommon: a woman and a man get to know each other on an international dating site, intensive communication follows. The expression of consent by the lady to meet with the man, planning his trip (the actual costs on the part of the foreign gentleman: purchasing tickets. Paying for hotel accommodation, applying for a visa) , and immediately a few days before the trip, communication stops, the lady does not make herself felt, does not explain the reasons for the change in her mood (and this is very convenient, out of sight out of mind, but cruel and infantile), blocks the man in messengers, social networks .

If your situation has changed, if you are no longer sure of your desire to meet a man who should come to you from day to day, then be consistent and humane in relation to other people – whatever the reason for the refusal, you can always find the right words and act correctly, informing him of his decision.


Have the courage to tell him your decision. Keep balance, do not harm other people, do not commit betrayal. If you inspired a person to travel to you, expressed a desire to meet him. Have the courage to tell him that you have changed your mind. There are different circumstances in life, however, a person should remain in all situations. If something gets in the way of your meeting, warn the man in advance. Have the courage and dignity to openly refuse a man if something (someone) gets in the way of your already planned meeting. Deeds in relation to an unfamiliar woman are not a matter of course. Appreciate a man who are ready to act for you, another, determined and serious man may no longer appear in your life.

Life is very difficult. Many women have met lies and betrayal on their way of life. If you have been treated badly in the past, it can shake your faith in people. However, the past does not give the right to harm other people in the present, to play with their feelings. triptogether


“The Boomerang Law”

In life, everything is interconnected, and to denote this interdependence, the concept of the “boomerang effect” is used. Its essence lies in the fact that every day a person sends a huge number of “boomerangs” to the Universe with the help of his thoughts, words, emotions, feelings and actions. Everything sent (good; sincerity in Relationships; love ; sympathy; attention; the joy of accepting a person as he is; forgiveness; help; support, as well as anger; aggression; indifference; hatred; mockery; condemnation). This return occurs with a delay in time (in a day, a week, a month or a year, years). Good returns with joyful events, and evil with cruel blows of fate.

It is customary for the Germans to say – “as you shout into the forest, so it will respond” In relationships. The “boomerang effect” works as follows: if there is little love in your life, pay attention first of all to yourself. Think about what “limiters” to love are in your head, what thoughts. What is your attitude towards the opposite sex, believe are you in love? And start giving love. Only sincerely – to an elderly neighbor, colleagues, colleagues, friends. Think of people with love and warmth.

If you showed inattention and indifference to a man who is ready to do things for you, “gone into the fog”, leaving him without explanation. In bewilderment, in doubt and uncertainty of his trip to you. Or, having agreed on the arrival of a man in your country – you don’t meet him, but simply leave him to the mercy of fate in a foreign country, without knowing the language – you act dishonorably. And send a boomerang which will definitely come back into your life. With time delay…

Be honest with yourself and a man – meet him, communicate with him, if this is not your man, rightfully appreciate his attitude and deed, tell him about it and remain friends. This will be fair to both yourself and the man who wanted to see you in the hope of meeting his love.

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