14 Home Date Ideas

If someone asks if you can go on Home Date Ideas. while in a Relationship, no, you can’t. In a relationship, you have to go on dates, because no opportunity is bad to show someone that you are important to you, and life is never light enough to despise a good day.

In fact, relationship dating has more advantages. You can remember why you are together. You know you won’t get the basket. As if that were not enough, the phrase “go on a date” DilMil.co could mean it would be a date at home!

If a date is at home, what is it?

1. Tasting

Apparently, the three most engaging topics are threats (that’s why people visit news sites), sex (that’s why Tinder and Pornhub exist) and… food (that’s why all holidays are Home Date Ideas all about food). This, in turn, makes the tasting and the date at home a successful combination. The tasting can be organized in three ways.

Method 1 : Buy for each other five things / dishes that the other person would like to try or those that have not been eaten for a long time. It can be anything: snacks, sweets, great bread, drinks and … childhood flavors – all those “Corsairs” dragees, warm ice cream and fruit jellies, orangeadie eaten out of a purse with a finger …

Option 2 : Just buy some tasting items. Several types of cheese, interesting cold cuts (prosciutto, high-quality salami etc), fresh fruit, chocolate, good wine. You can also read about various cool combinations of flavors in advance and test them.

Option 3 : Option for the brave: testing the things you buy while blindfolded and guessing what you are eating.

Oh, and since it’s a tasting, it’s not about eating in silence, but commenting on the taste, catching nuances and generally spending quality time.

2. Listening to music together

If you don’t listen to music, music stimulates emotions mechanically and makes you understand someone better. I suspect that you could base all communication on sending yourself different songs, and they would often mean more than words.

How to arrange such a date at home? A nice option is what I call “My Music Story”, which is preparing songs that you associate with important moments in your life. It may be the first song you remember, the song you listened to when you left for college, the song you met at etc. You can also go ahead and hit the songs from the “most” series: the song you are most embarrassed to listen to, the song you would feel at. you would receive an Oscar, a song that you associate with the other person.

3. Cooked

This is the only program I know from television with an interesting formula. If you don’t remember him, it was there was a group of four. Each of them, in turn, prepared lunch / dinner for the others, consisting of a starter, main course and dessert. In addition, it also provided some Home Date Ideas attraction of the evening, Home Date Ideas such as playing the guitar, painting together or some social fun. At the end, all participants rated the host and said what they liked.

We did the same thing with friends once. Every week, another person prepared our Cooked Ones and it worked great. For example, I made mini pizzas, some DilMil fancy pasta and homemade vanilla ice cream. With real vanilla, not just any flavor!

It’s also a great idea for a date at home. Prepare an official invitation to dinner for the other person, print a menu with intriguing names of dishes, serve the entire dinner and make the Home Date Ideas evening attractive.

I have a feeling that this is especially true for those Home Date Ideas men who don’t even come close to the kitchen. I guarantee it will be a fun experience even if you burn something.

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4. An evening of memories (but not only)

It’s such an idea that deepens the bond. Basically, it is about talking about topics that allow you to get to know the other person better or realize that even after spending years together, the other person may still surprise you. These are questions like this:

  • What was the worst gift Santa has ever given him and why?
  • What are your first memories?
  • Was there a moment when you were on the verge of death?
  • What would your day be like if you weren’t limited by money?
  • How would you handle the zombie apocalypse?
  • Would you take $ 3 million if that meant the person Home Date Ideas you hate the most in the world gets $ 9 million?
  • What was your best day so far?

I know, it sounds a bit infantile, but it works and is very engaging.

5. Home cinema

I know that watching movies and series in the evenings is a standard. But watching them with phones turned off, snacks, no interrupting the screening, blinds closed and the sound turned up not anymore. Additionally, what you are watching matters a lot. These could be old movies Home Date Ideas (such as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or “Roman Holiday”) where people drank wine, smiled and had style. It could be movies you’ve always put off, positive movies ( like the ones here ), or a movie that is important to you and the other person hasn’t seen it.

6. Make a “bucket list” with you

A “bucket list” is a list of things you would like to do before you die. Writing it down together like nothing else helps you to expose yourself, show your aspirations and update your knowledge of the person you live with. If so, what have you ever been doing and stopped doing? What would you Home Date Ideas like to do together? What do you want to try so as not to recognize that you have lost your life? Can you do something of this now?

7. Home SPA

Is it possible to care for the other person better than by purely physical care? Perhaps, but I also know that few things are as close as a lazy, shared bath in which you wash each other, or a massage by candlelight and aromatic oils with warm towels.

Oh, and you know how massages end.

8. Picnic

All you need to do is spread out blankets and pillows and bring some snacks (you can combine it with tasting). Additionally, you can move to another room. This will help you break the routine.

9. Letters

When dealing with a foreign language most people feel powerful when they listen or read it, average when to write in it, and terrible when to speak it.

The same goes for talking about feelings. Everyone is pretty good at listening to them, but talking about them is like tearing barbed wire out of your throat. Fortunately, writing is Home Date Ideas because it comes much easier than making a confession, and it has its depth. This means that if you tell someone what you love about them and what you like most about being with them, it will mean more than fifty shared breakfasts.

Write such letters for yourself (necessarily on paper!) And give yourself as a gift for Volantynki. “The power of impressions and emotions is guaranteed” – as Krzysztof Ibisz would say.

10. An evening in the style of …

An evening in the style of the 80’s, favorite series or culture of any country. It is not anything special in itself, but the fact that it is thematically consistent, you have to plan and talk about it, gives you a lot of fun right from the start. You can even dress specially for this purpose, and not sit in sweatpants stained with ketchup (but you don’t have to).

11. Dating at home with photos in the background

Have you noticed that people usually don’t like the passing of time, but love to see the way they’ve come? What did they look like in the past, what did they do when they met, how their children grew? Each such photo and video is a gateway to a different story. The best part is Home Date Ideas that while we take more photos in the 21st century than ever before, we view them less often. They are collected on some memory cards, disks, pen drives and no one even knows what is on them. Dig them out and do their evening show from childhood to now (or the beginning of your relationship).

Oh, and I don’t know if you guys are like that, but when I think about looking at old photos, the first thing that comes to my mind is a discouraged one: “Meh”. However, after it is over, I always say, “But that was awesome! Are we sure we don’t have any more photos? ”

12. Board games – Home Date Ideas

Recently I mentioned that you are young first, then your neighbors kid tells you “Good morning” and you finally discover that board games are great fun. Well that’s true. The upside is that there is a huge selection of them, board games are engaging, and if you want to raise the stakes, agree that the loser does XYZ. You decide what XYZ will be.

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13. Photo session – Home Date Ideas

The best dates are always the ones where you do something together. In this respect, the house is a big limitation, especially if you don’t have too many artistic talents. However, there is something everyone can take – photos. And as I mentioned before, the photos are great, because you capture moments that are now ordinary, but someday it turns out that they were not. They were exceptional. Unique. Unique. It just so happens that time turns ordinary photos into photographs.

Take photos of each other. They can be at home or on a walk. Shoot a few selves. If you want, buy a photo booth kit and do a little mess.

Give yourself a reward afterwards. Hot chocolate in winter, ice cream in summer. Feelings always.

14. The day of new things

Have you watched the aforementioned “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? If not, I recommend it, and if so, you probably remember the scene where Holly asked Paul to do nothing but new things all day long. I have always been fascinated by this idea, so go for a walk where you have not been yet, order a dish that you have not tried yet, try a hobby together. Avoid the beaten track as much as possible, and if you think about new things you wanted to try in advance, when you do, the date is sure to be a success – even if it’s a date at home.

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