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Such a scam

Such a scam. Don’t trust this site.

charvatcerk - January 13, 2020
Stay far, far away from this site.

Stay far, far away from this site.

to5r2adsg - January 12, 2020
Be very careful

Be very careful when you give them your credit card. Make sure you you don’t get charged automatically. Or better, use a site that is more honest about their practices.

cyklowy4z - January 12, 2020
This app is misleading

This app is misleading. You don’t know if someone’s profile is old or active. I did find someone on here and that’s great but I just think there are bugs that need to be fixed on the app

seiblyearneni8z - January 10, 2020
A money grabbing site

A money grabbing site, have to pay at every turn. Site difficult to navigate.Very extremely dissatisfied!!!!!

silap9c - January 8, 2020
Don't waste your money

Don’t waste your money, go to a bar or club instead, at least you can have a drink costing less than this!!

snildiu3 - January 8, 2020
Worst waste of time ever

Worst waste of time ever, if this is typically how e-dating is they can keep it. Dont waste you’re time, or money on this site.

refacerc3 - January 6, 2020
Total rip off

Total rip off. Does anyone know if this scamming dating site is owned by an overseas company that, if so who. Australian government needs to regulate these crooks. Unsubscribing is very difficult. Bew…. More

paramentomi - January 5, 2020
Just total scam

Just total scam

neoquebecoisjj - January 4, 2020
Very disappointing

Very disappointing. When you pay for a service and dont get it…scam.

antonella873t - January 4, 2020
Do not join

Save your money and time. Do not join under any circumstances. Something needs to be done.

inumanw1 - January 3, 2020

STAY AWAY. Preserve your emotions for something else.

kursovimard - January 2, 2020