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Beware of

Beware of . They dont publish bad reviews from their customer review site for obvious reasons . This site are associated with guys who are professional syndicates in luring you to believ…. More

usuprottw - September 27, 2019
ZERO star is just fine

ZERO star is just fine. Fake profiles almost all girls or boys probable paid from you to just message them. I made 4 accounts for testing it and for one week and all of them have the same amounts of u…. More

bizuindu84 - September 27, 2019
I certainly would not recommend

I have messaged them 3 times regarding having to purchase credits to send a message. I have messaged the same person about 20 times and had to purchase a bundle of 20 credits @ 18.99 per bundle. So fa…. More

llifeiri31 - September 27, 2019
Russianbrides Seems like a fake site

I entered that I am a woman seeking women and they showed me all straight women. that is not good for me. seems like a fake site.

licaifsseepe6 - September 27, 2019 wouldn't allow me to delete my profile

The wouldn’t allow me to delete my profile and again the instant chat help has ignored all of my messages.

lobruttobz - September 27, 2019
Yourtravelmates is full of fake profiles

Took money from my credit card without approval and then they didn’t respond to my several attempts to contact them. The site is full of fake profiles.

grimplenenh - September 27, 2019
Old profiles

Old profiles.I consider myself to be average good-looking guy, unfortunately I’ve moved to a new area and really do not know anyone so I figured I’d try Zoosk. 4 months later I’ve probably sent over a…. More

doneartp - September 27, 2019
Please stay away

Please stay away – or lose your money.

e2a1muvo - September 27, 2019 is a pure scam company

This is a pure scam company capitalizing on a few real profiles and fabricating all messages.

sylviacaleroq1 - September 27, 2019
Totally fake

I am really stupid and did not get it that all profiles are totally fake. But I am not so stupid to stop until the investigation is launched in regards to this Russian scam.

encaugi4q - September 27, 2019
All the girls on lovingfeel are not real

All the girls on site are not real , extremely expensive and costumer service is rude and everything else is just crap. Dont even think about refund

multivitamine93 - September 27, 2019
Fake Site

You are fake its a joke seem 7 out of 10 are lawyer or a doctor they are on line 24 hours a day don’t they ever work oh yes the work for your site

uludo3b - September 27, 2019